Practical things about marriage

Written by the Hubs: (to get those creative juices flowing)

So, 7 months ago I was on this stage, in a church sweating, anxious, and excited. What day was it? My wedding day. I vowed, covetated, and consumated that marriage. 7 months later I think, “What a whirlwind!” There are a lot of things and emotions one feels during “young married” (I am patronized still for this) phase. You learn so much about life and yourself during this time. So this is to all “to be marrieds” out there. This is what I would wanted to be told standing 7 months on the opposite side.



3. Marriage life is so normal. You do the same stuff that you did before, but there is someone else around all the time.

4.Act like children and make a fool of yourself. When the guard is down, the fun is had. Don’t worry you both are weird.

5. The wife always steals the covers and snuggles on “my” side of the bed.

6. You have to learn to make decisions.

7. Your parents were awesome taking care of you for 18+ years.

8. Bills suck.

9. Don’t be afraid to ask. You have not, because you ask not.

10. Marriage is FUN and HARD and everything in between, but mostly fun.

11. Start praying together everyday from day one. This is so hard to do.

12. Create good habits early.

14. Dream together. (Like Inception?)

15. Don’t get cable!!!!

Well, that is all I can think of right now. I know that I have so much to learn and selfishness to kill but have some sand sized nuggets of advice from what I see.

Peace out peeps

Wade aka Hubs


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